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Our approach to content strategy projects combines experience in technical communication, content management, structured authoring, translation, software development, and a lot of plain common sense.

We view content strategy as solutions to business problems. After understanding your business problem, we develop a solution that saves you time and money, and enables you to use content as a competitive advantage.

Our guiding principles include:

  • Know your audience. Server metrics, user feedback, and search queries say a lot about what's working with a content strategy. Delivering content that an organization thinks its customers want isn't a content strategy. Know what customers need, when, how, and why.
  • Content is a leveragable asset. The value of content increases as more people use it. We look for opportunities to develop content more efficiently, and how to leverage that investment for maximum returns.
  • Mobile first. Mobile is no longer optional in a content strategy. We look for creative ways to embrace mobile content solutions.
  • Tools are tools. Content strategy isn't about picking the right tools, but how tools are used matters. We can help you identify and remove steps that do not add value to your content management processes, and then make the remaining steps more efficient.
  • Think globally. Global solutions are almost always best. Any content strategy should support localization. Even if you don't plan to localize your content now, you'll wish you had planned for it later.
  • Delight the client. We depend on referrals from satisfied clients for future projects. Our long-term success depends on delighting you, our current client.
  • Have fun! We're passionate about what we do, and have fun doing it.